How Should I Clean A Virus In An Archive From Kaspersky Antivirus?

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Archive files are those which are stored in a special type of format in a compressed manner. To remove the virus from archive files you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, scan your system for archive files that contains virus
  • Now, disable the Kaspersky tool for some time.
  • Open the antivirus program and access the Protection panel.
  • Navigate to Antivirus module and click it.
  • Now, in the Antivirus window, go to Shield tab.
  • In this step, you’ve to switch to turn off On-access scanning.
    1. Now, visit the location of the archive files and decompress it using an archiving application.
    2. Search the infected file and remove it from the system
    3. Thereafter, delete the original archive in order to make sure that the virus is totally removed.
    4. Recompress the files in a new archive through an archiving app.
    5. Now, turn on Kaspersky real-time antivirus protection and run a full system scan in order to ensure that there is no other infection on the system.

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Source: Remove the Virus from Archive Files